Keep First United

Why We Stay United

First United Methodist Church has been a significant part of the Shreveport community for generations. It has always been known as a place where families could come together to worship God and learn the ways of Jesus. There are some who are trying to divide the church, and we cannot allow them to succeed. By voting no on disaffiliation, we can ensure First United Methodist Church continues to be a vital part of the Shreveport community for generations to come. We must not let those who seek to divide us win.

Those leading the effort to divide us and disaffiliate us from The United Methodist Church are not telling the truth. This vote is not about chaos or disobedience in the denomination. We must not allow ourselves to be distracted by these false claims. This vote is about human sexuality. We must stand together and show that our church has always been and will always be a place of love and acceptance. We cannot let our church become known as the mean church at the head of Texas Street. By voting no on disaffiliation, we can keep First United Methodist Church a place where all are welcome.

Vote No on Disaffiliation

First United Methodist Church of Shreveport has always taught us to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and to love one another as ourselves, to walk in the way that leads to abundant life, and to be peacemakers. Disaffiliation goes against all of these teachings as it seeks to divide and destroy. Jesus taught us that the one among us without sin should cast the first stone. John Wesley taught us to first do no harm. We must remember the teachings of Jesus and John Wesley as we consider this vote. Disaffiliation would do great harm to our church, to the Shreveport community, and to our United Methodist Christian witness. We cannot let a small group gain control and destroy what we have worked for generations to build. By voting no on disaffiliation, we can ensure that our church remains a place where the teachings of Jesus are our standard, and the wisdom of John Wesley is our guide.

Let us stand united together, and show that our church remains faithful to the teachings of Jesus, true to the wisdom of John Wesley, and continues to be a place of love and acceptance for all.